GC Report

Our B level team of Judith Hand (4) Tony Frewin (3) David Dawsey (7) and John Skuse (3) travelled to Hunstanton to take on the home team of Pauline Donner (4) David Boxell (4) Sue Debenham (7) and David Brame (8) in our first B Level game of the season yesterday. Whilst Judith had travelled up the day before with her recently retired husband the three boys left Chelmsford at 6.30 and thanks to driver Tony arrived safely at 9.15am after a short stop for coffee en route. The match started at 10.00am with Chelmsford winning all 4 doubles and the first set of 4 singles with no game going to the 13th hoop. The next set of 4 singles were shared so we had at least drawn the 20 game match. Judith’s hard fought 7-6 win over Hunstanton captain David Boxell secured the winning points for us as we went on to win by 14.5 games to 5.5 and by 125 hoops to 100.The half point was conceded by Tony as the weather worsened as the final set was played. Unfortunately your scribe minus waterproofs played on and on in the pouring rain only to lose to jump shot specialist David Brame 6-7. That will teach him! A thoroughly enjoyable day (bar the rain) concluded with cakes and drinks from our hospitable hosts and we left for home shortly after 5pm.

GC Match report

This handicap match between our 2 sides intros competition served up a treat on Friday 3rd May with a match that had everything including a last minute substitution for the Greens, sunshine and heavy showers, a game played entirely without incident or reference to the rule book, some excellent cake and a comeback from the Blues of which more anon. Teams: Greens David Dawsey (7) Tony Frewin (3) Ernie Bailey (8) for the purpose of this competition and Betty Craig (12). Blues Judith Hand (4) Paul Bridgman (3) John Skuse (3) and Deborah Clarke (11). The Greens started well by winning the 2 doubles encounters 7-4 and 7-6 and proceeded to take a 6-0 lead by winning all the first set of 4 singles. As so often in handicap matches the Blues hit back by taking the second set 4-0 to leave the match score at lunch Greens 6 Blues 4. The penultimate set saw the Greens win the 2 games on lawn 1 but had to concede the 2 games on the lower lawn as Ernie missed from about 8 feet at the 13th to allow Paul to scrape through 7-6 to leave the match score Greens 8 Blues 6. The final set of 4 games was taken by the Blues 3-1 to leave the match result Greens 9 Blues 9 with everyone having won at least 1 singles. Hoop score: Greens 101 and Blues 105. Finally big thanks to Betty for enabling the match to proceed with 2 full teams and to the providers of the excellent refreshments. Only thing missing? The cuckoo

GC Report 12/10/18

The annual singles tournament started on 25th September with 9 members playing each other over 7 hoops. Karen and John Mariner each had 7 wins but as Karen had beaten John 4/3 in their encounter she was the winner on the day and went through to the final. The second half of this event took place on 4th October but, following the late withdrawal of 2 of the contestants only 7 players took part. Paul came through the group by winning all 6 of his games with Tony the runner-up with 5 wins. Mention should be made of Mick Fryer’s performance in coming 3rd with 3 wins. A brave effort in his first singles competition. So the final over 19 hoops would be between Karen and Paul on the 9th October. Unfortunately I arrived late as they were about to play the 19th hoop. Apparently it had been a monumental struggle particularly in the latter stages with no one taking a commanding lead as all the members present watched the final outcome. Paul was first to the 19th hoop and Karen was unable to clear. After 4 or 5 waves of his mallet Paul ran the final hoop to take the crown of singles champion 2018 but a first class final contested to the very end. Congratulations to Paul on his upteenth win in this competition. On the last club day of the season the final of the season long doubles took place between Judith and Mick versus John Skuse and Ernie. At one stage this looked fairly one sided with Judith and Mick trailing 3-6 but you never can tell. They fought back courageously to level at 6 all before disaster struck on the final hoop. Judith was last to play from hoop 12 and, with the shot of the match, cleared Ernie’s ball which was runnable. Eventually it left Judith with a shot of about 5 feet to clear John’s ball from in front of the hoop. What an anti-climax – she missed! John and Ernie emerged as very relieved winners. Phew!!!!!!! JS

Delivery by Post

Postman Bob was not short of advice as to how to deliver his ball to hoop 6 when stymied by the post yesterday. Another day ended in glorious sunshine after Paul qualified to play Karen in the final of the 2018 singles. It will be played on Tuesday next pm over 19 hoops.

Ladies Singles Trophy 1st October 2018

On a bright but chilly day 12 ladies played for the Ladies Singles or commonly known as the “Sexy Babe Trophy.” Split between two groups of 6 playing 4 games of 13 hoops matches were close and play moved quickly. Karen and Judith both had 4 wins in the red group but Karen came top with +18 hoops to Judith’s +15. The rest of the group all had 1 win each. In the black group Joan came out a clear winner being the only one with 4 wins. Betty was runner-up with 3 wins. The final was played whilst the 10 runners-up enjoyed the traditional tea and cakes – usual high standard. Karen won 7-5 well done to both players.

GC Annual Doubles Tournament September 18th 2018

On a windy but ultimately fine day for croquet with the sun shining six pairs drawn from the proverbial two hats took part in this year’s event. How lucky the GC section have been with the weather this year! The format this year was for each pair to play the other five in 13 hoop matches finishing about 3pm. Of fifteen games played over half went either to the twelfth or thirteenth hoop with the winners Betty Craig and John Skuse being involved in no fewer than three 7-6 finishes all of which they managed to win. With 5 wins out of 5 they took first place with runners-up Joan Black and Paul Bridgman winning 4 and in third place June Brown and David Dawsey with 3 victories. Other pairings taking part were Lesley Bridgman and Keith Harris, Sheila Harris and Len Purcell and Anne Skuse and Marlene Lawrence. The shot of the day? Unquestionably Len’s jump shot versus Betty and John on their sixth hoop. Thanks go to those who supplied tea and cakes for the after tournament refreshments.

Maldon Lakeside v Chelmsford Green 24/8/18

On a fine ‘normal’ summer day (blue sky, clouds, 19/20 degrees, forecast of rain later etc) the Greens arrived at Forresters Park for their Golf Handicap match against Maldon Lakeside. The lawns are not what you call pristine with plenty of bumps, warn patches, rabbit runs etc. Unfortunately not all clubs are as lucky as us so it makes us more grateful for what we have. The Green Team of Tony Frewin (3), Bob Jones (6), David Dawsey (7) and Betty Craig (12) were facing an uphill battle on alien lawns and giving away a lot of free shots to a Lakeside team of Jill Joslin (10), Peter Marvin (10), Shirley Macro (10) and Colin Beckett (12). The doubles were shared with David and Betty beating Peter and Colin 7-5 and Tony and Bob losing out on a golden hoop game to Shirley and Jill. The first set of singles produced two wins each with Tony beating Jill 7-5 and David (with the help of his opponent putting his ball through 3 times!) beating Shirley 7-2. Match score 3-3 The second round of singles didn’t go so well with Bob the only winner as he beat Jill 7-2. Lowlight of the round was David throwing away a 6-2 lead to lose to Colin!! Match score at lunch 4-6 A fine lunch of assorted sandwiches and chips was provided before we trouped out to resume the singles. The final two rounds of singles didn’t go so well with us realising the Maldon ploy of filling us up with chips had worked. Only 3 more wins were secured, Bob beating Colin 7-4, Betty beating Jill 7-3 and Tony securing victory ove Colin 7-3 having given him 9 free shots! Colin preparing to face Tony with 9 bisque. Final Match score Maldon Lakeside 11 games won (100 hoops won) Chelmsford Greens 7 (105). So with more hoops won and 4 golden hoop games lost things could have been different but all in all an enjoyable and sporting game against friendly opponents. This was followed by tea and cakes in the clubhouse before we headed home. The end is another season with our only victory, again, against the Blues so it hasn’t all been bad!!!! DD

Coralie Cup Report Chelmsford v Tipps Cross 21st August 2018

Our friends from Tipps Cross arrived promptly at 10.00am for our annual encounter in the Coralie Cup. The weather was set fair and eventually turned into a really hot day as will be seen from the attached photographs. Chelmsford’s Blue team of Betty, June, Anne, Tess, Hilary and Len had quite a struggle to win by 46 hoops to 38 thanks in large part to a 6-1 win by Betty and June in their last game on lawn 1. No fewer than 5 of their games were won by 4 hoops to 3. The Greens fared rather better with a convincing margin of victory by 56 hoops to 28. Joan, Sheila, Sue, Ernie, Peter and Keith took 11 games out of 12 to help Chelmsford a win overall by 100 hoops to 64 A fine days croquet played in the best possible spirit by both sides. . Before Tipps Cross left the most important part of the day took place with the plentiful supply of home made cakes and welcome drinks taking place. On behalf of the home team best wishes to our visitors were expressed that their local council would see reason and allow them to continue playing on their present site. Our remaining Coralie Cup fixture versus Southchurch will be played away probably either on the 19th or 26th of September.

Chelmsford Green v Colchester GC Handicap 17/08/18

Peter had just cut the lawns which were a picture and commented on favourably by our visitors from Colchester. How lucky we are! David Dawsey’s team included Bob Jones, Betty Craig and Keith Harris whilst Colchester’s foursome were Ian Cummings, Jill Mills, Lydia Vaux and Steven Scrase. Chelmsford started well winning both doubles and 5 of the first 8 singles to enjoy a lead at lunchtime of 7 games to 3. However the afternoon saw a complete change of fortune. The next set of 4 singles went 3-1 to Colchester and the final set was a complete whitewash as our visitors took the spoils and won the match by 10 games to 8 with a hoop difference of 105 to 93. Fatigue had clearly crept into the Chelmsford camp by the time those last 4 games were played as the hoop difference of 28 to 13 demonstrates. The day finished with tea and cakes before our visitors left for home.