GC Handicap Singles Final 2017

As the season draws to a close many members took the opportunity to visit the lawns on a fine October day. Amongst them Paul Bridgman (handicap 3) and Tony Frewin (4) had a final match to play in this the second running of the Handicap Singles. Unfortunately it took place on the lower lawn and only a handful of members watched what turned out to be a very close contest. After losing the first hoopTony took his one “extra turn” on the second to level but then fell behind 3-1 as they turned towards the 5th. From that moment on Paul maintained this lead until Tony won the 10th and 11th hoops to lead for the first time 6-5. Paul with the first shot to the 12th levelled but Tony with a finely positioned shot to the “golden” hoop that Paul was unable to block or clear ran the hoop from about 8 feet to win 7–6.