GC Level Play Enfield v Chelmsford 24th August 2016

For the second week running one has to report a heavy defeat and this time it is at the hands of our friends at Enfield who seem to field virtually the same strong team every year in David Frost (0) plus John Street, Tony Elliott and Brian Dawes who all play with a handicap of 3. Our team of John (4) Karen (7) David (7) and Ernie (10) who valiantly came in at the last moment after Bob had no alternative but to withdraw were faced immediately with the sight of a cyclist appearing to take shock at the sight of Karen’s car slowly approaching him as he entered Fox Burrows Lane from the footpath to our left. He rather gracefully fell to the ground and, as he did so, his bike, no doubt in sympathy, fell apart beneath him. After exchanging somewhat sheepish smiles with us he proceeded to get up and make way for us. Clearly this incident had unsettled team Chelmsford for an argument then arose at the end of the lane as to whether we should turn right or left. Fortunately we had one navigator DD who over ruled your incompetent blogger and we proceeded without further alarm or delay to arrive in good time for a prompt start. Rather than give a blow by blow account of the match it has to be pointed out that Karen, David and Ernie were all making their debuts in this, the severest competitive test of league croquet in East Anglia. It was a tough experience for all of us with the temperature rising to 33 degees, the cast iron hoops demanding precise shot making and opposition that were adept at accurate clearances from distance. So now for the statistics: Enfield 17 Chelmsford 1 Enfield hoops 123 Chelmsford 64. The general view after the match was that it had been an enjoyable experience. None of us had thrown in the sponge though on such a hot day one would have been welcome! Many thanks to Karen for getting us there and back so capably and to David for his navigating from the back seat.