GC Match report

This handicap match between our 2 sides intros competition served up a treat on Friday 3rd May with a match that had everything including a last minute substitution for the Greens, sunshine and heavy showers, a game played entirely without incident or reference to the rule book, some excellent cake and a comeback from the Blues of which more anon. Teams: Greens David Dawsey (7) Tony Frewin (3) Ernie Bailey (8) for the purpose of this competition and Betty Craig (12). Blues Judith Hand (4) Paul Bridgman (3) John Skuse (3) and Deborah Clarke (11). The Greens started well by winning the 2 doubles encounters 7-4 and 7-6 and proceeded to take a 6-0 lead by winning all the first set of 4 singles. As so often in handicap matches the Blues hit back by taking the second set 4-0 to leave the match score at lunch Greens 6 Blues 4. The penultimate set saw the Greens win the 2 games on lawn 1 but had to concede the 2 games on the lower lawn as Ernie missed from about 8 feet at the 13th to allow Paul to scrape through 7-6 to leave the match score Greens 8 Blues 6. The final set of 4 games was taken by the Blues 3-1 to leave the match result Greens 9 Blues 9 with everyone having won at least 1 singles. Hoop score: Greens 101 and Blues 105. Finally big thanks to Betty for enabling the match to proceed with 2 full teams and to the providers of the excellent refreshments. Only thing missing? The cuckoo