GC Doubles Semi and Final Result.

As this season’s inaugural knock-out level play doubles competition came to its conclusion today the weather turned distinctly chilly and waterproofs were hastily donned and shed as showers passed over Writtle. Before the final there was a semi-final to be decided between David D and John S versus Judith and Linda. This proved to be a very close affair with David and John edging it 7-6 with all 4 players playing well. The final, played in rather better weather, saw Ernie and Paul versus David and John. Two hoops stay in the memory – hoop 7 which Paul won with a 3 yard special after a lengthy battle and hoop 11. By this time David and John were really up against it as they were losing 4-6. David’s ball to the hoop in a good position with Paul missing it. Decision time, does John gamble that Ernie will miss David’s ball and play towards hoop 12? Yes he does! Ernie clears David’s ball with a fine shot. After an exchange of shots with John’s ball now well behind the action David has no option but to run the hoop with pace hoping to reach hoop 12. Sometimes this tactic can work but, as the ball bounced off the hoop rather than through it, Paul once more demonstrated his hoop running skills successfully to win 7-4.