GC Match Report

On Friday 6th September Chelmsford entertained Bury St. Edmunds in their final match in the B Level Play League before meeting Enfield in the final on 5th October. Chelmsford’s team was Judith Hand (4) Karen Jones (4) David Dawsey (7) and Ernie Bailey (8) facing a visitor’s side of Ron Carter (1) Jan Oldfield (3) Alan Plested (4) Barbara Plested (8) and substitute Annie Kasarian (8). It has to be said that despite their lowly position in the table Bury proved excellent opponents; they took the 4 doubles games by a margin of 3 to 1 and the next 2 sets of singles by 6 games to 2 to establish what eventually turned out to be a 9-3 lunchtime lead. The hosts finally rallied by taking the final 2 sets by 6 games to 2 to make the final result Chelmsford 9 Bury St Edmunds 11 with hoops run Chelmsford 108 Bury St Edmunds 111. The star for Chelmsford was Judith who won all 4 of her singles and helped to win one doubles. As a consequence of her excellent play her handicap was reduced to 3. We now have no fewer than 6 players with handicaps of 4 or lower playing GC with others improving all the time. Thanks must go to Tony Frewin for his management during the day and to the provider(s) of the refreshments enjoyed by all at the end of the match.

GC Handicap League Report

After numerous phone calls to actually get a team together and big discussions over the weather forecast, it was decided to play the Blues final handicap game of the season against Maldon Lakeside , on Friday 8 th August at Foresters Park. The weather held, with frequent blasts of strong wind aiding the downhill shots but hampering the return uphill ones. Chelmsford team of Judith (4), Lena(9), Deborah (11) and Janis (12) battled hard , the first round of doubles was shared followed by two rounds of shared singles leaving the lunch score of 5 all. Sandwiches and chips were served in the clubhouse and as often happens play went downhill in the afternoon session. Judith picking up the only game for Chelmsford. Chelmsford ladies fought hard giving away 32 extra turns in the course of the game and taking 6 of the 18 matches to the ‘golden hoop’ winning three of them. Play over tea and cake was served back in the clubhouse. An enjoyable day in difficult conditions played to the friendly spirit of the game. Unfortunately Blues lost 6-12. Maldon team Shirley Wallis (10), Peter Marven (10), Jill Joslin (11) and Mary Burd (11).

B Level GC Match Report

On a lovely warm day for croquet Chelmsford travelled to Colchester for their penultimate game in their section of the EACF B Level League competition on 2nd August. The match commenced with 4 doubles games with our pairs of Judith Hand/John Skuse and Paul Bridgman/Tony Frewin each beating Georgeen Hemming/Pam Hopper but losing to their second pair of Marian Manning/Jill Mills. All 4 games were keenly contested as the hoop score of 23/23 demonstrates. In fact 2 of the games ran over the time limit of 1 hour so there was only time for one set of 4 singles before lunch. To our surprise we won all 4 with Tony’s 7-4 defeat of Jill perhaps being the most convincing. The good work continued after the break with the second set being won 3-1 to make the score Colchester 3 Chelmsford 9 with Judith’s win over Jill Mills being the most convincing. Victory was assured after the third set was shared 2-2 and given the length of time the match had taken it was agreed to not play the final set of singles. Despite the margin of victory it has to be stressed that practically all the games were keenly fought as is shown by the hoop score of Colchester 86 Chelmsford 92. Match Score COLCHESTER 5 CHELMSFORD 11. Tony and Paul won all 3 of their singles . Our record now shows us as top of our league table and hopes are high that we will now qualify for the Final on Saturday 5th October at Newport. Before then we have however one more match to play at home to Bury on 6th September. Finally a word of thanks to Colchester for a match played in the best of spirits and for their hospitality throughout the day.

GC Report Chelmsford Blue v Southchurch

Chelmsford’s Blue team of John Skuse (3), Sheila Harris (9) Mick Fraser (10) and Deborah Clarke (11) entertained Southchurch’s team of Louise (6) and Alan Cornelius (7) Peter Knight (9) Geoff Powell (12) on Friday in a EACF Handicap League match. With the weather still warm but with the threat of some rain not far away the lawns were in superb shape with comments like “playing on a billiard table” emanating from one of our visitors. Southchurch started well by taking the first two doubles games 7-5 and 7-4 and maintained that lead by halving the next two sets of singles so the lunchtime score was Chelmsford Blue 4 Southchurch 6. It is worth a mention that Deborah’s game versus Peter Knight included a fight back from 4-6 down to her winning on the golden hoop with an excellent pink from of about 3 yards. After lunch the Blues recovered by winning 3 of the next 4 singles to draw level before finally winning the last set also by the same margin to win the match 10-8. Everyone contributed to the win with John undefeated in the singles whilst Sheila won 2, Mick 3 and Deborah 1. A first class team effort. The hoop difference was Chelmsford Blue111 Southchurch 101. Thanks must go to Judith, assisted by David from Southchurch, for taking on the match management duties and for the provision of refreshments throughout the day. Finally a word for Southchurch after their year away from this competition. Welcome back!

GC B Level Match Report

Match Report Chelmsford v Norwich Croquet Clubs, July 14, 2019 Golf Croquet, B-level, EACF league match. In perfect croquet weather, warm and overcast, the Chelmsford team of Karen Jones (4), John Mariner (3), Paul Bridgman (3) and Tony Frewin (3) welcomed a Norwich team plus scorer and four lovely dogs! They (the team!) consisted of Trevor Whittaker (4), Jeremy Moore (5), Ruth Cole (6) and David Atkinson (8). The match consisted of two doubles games and four singles games. Despite the fairly big handicap difference between the two teams, the majority of games throughout the match were very close. Both initial doubles games went to a golden hoop with Chelmsford winning on each occasion. In the second doubles, John and Tony again won on a golden hoop with Paul and Karen cruising to a 7-4 win. Chelmsford won three of the four singles games before lunch giving the home team a healthy 7-1 lead. Chelmsford must have taken the John Skuse ‘play hungry’ advice onboard, as they came out of the blocks after lunch winning all eight games and wrapping up the match for CCC. With three major sporting events on TV, we lobbied hard for the final four games to be scrubbed, but Norwich asked to play it out. Well done Paul for winning all six games, with Karen, John and Tony winning five out of six. Final match score CCC 17 games to Norwich 3 (134 hoops to 95) which must be one of Chelmsford’s best level play match results. Thank you Karen for doing a great job providing refreshments all day and thanks Lesley and Julia for baking two yummy cakes. And thanks for your support Bob. TF

GC Handicap Match Report

On Friday Chelmsford Green played Maldon Lakeside in a handicap match at Writtle. The teams: David Dawsey (7) Linda Murrell (9) Anne Skuse (10) Betty Craig (12) for Chelmsford and Peter Marven (10) Shirley Macro (10) Mary Burd (11) and Colin Beckett (12) for the visitors. Handicap matches are often close and, my word, this one proved to be no exception. After team photos were taken for our visitors play started with the 2 doubles matches being shared. Before lunch 8 singles games were played which were also shared 4-4 with Maldon just ahead on hoops run. Both teams had thoughts of getting home early to see Nadal and Federer so the afternoon games started before 2pm and once again the next 4 were shared and the score stood at Greens 7 Maldon Lakeside 7 before the last round. On the lower lawn both David and Linda won so at least a draw had been achieved. On the top lawn Betty was fighting hard to beat her opponent but, thanks to a shot of about 30 yards, Peter ran hoop 8 and eventually won 7-4. It now looked probable that the match would be halved as Anne was losing 5-6 to Shirley and had not enjoyed much success throughout the day. However with 3 balls near hoop 11 Anne proceeded to run hoop 12 with a shot of 25 yards from the far boundary. The remaining 3 balls, now being offside, were moved to the penalty area before all playing short to the golden hoop. Finally Anne’s other ball found its way to that same boundary with a slight angle and with the other balls now much closer to the hoop struck her shot clean through to claim victory for the Greens by 10 hoops to 8. The closeness of the match was reflected in the fact that Lakeside actually won more hoops (100) to Chelmsford’s (98). It has also to be mentioned that all 3 games that went to the golden hoop were won by Chelmsford. For the Greens David led the way by winning his doubles with Betty and all 4 singles whilst Linda managed 3 singles win. In fact all 8 players had some success through the day. fter the match, which was played in an excellent spirit, tea and cakes were consumed, before Mary thanked Chelmsford for their hospitality and David replied for the hosts. Everyone went home agreeing that it had been an excellent day’s croquet.

GC Handicap Match Report

Maldon Pavilion v Chelmsford Green Handicap Match Report 28/6/19. On yet another beautiful day Chelmsford Greens arrived at Forrester Park Golf and Country Club to play their away Golf Handicap match against Maldon Pavilion. The lawns were a bit bumpy but nice and green, the grass a bit long as the ‘man with the mower’ turned up too late! Unfortunately, the slope is still there. The Green Team of David Dawsey (7), Linda Murrell (9), Ernest Bailey (9) and Betty Craig (12) were facing a hard battle against a Pavilion side of Chris Joslin (6), Neil Grandy (7), Neil Clark (9) and John Hustwick (10). The doubles were shared with David and Betty overcoming Chris and John in a hard-fought game 7-6 but Ernie and Linda losing out to the two Neil’s’ 7-5. The first set of singles produced a win for David beating Chris 7-5. Match score 2-4 The second round of singles went better with 2 wins. David beating Neil G 7-4, Betty getting a good win over Neil C 7-6. Match score at lunch 6-4 to Maldon. A good lunch of sandwiches and chips was provided by the club before battle was re-joined. The least said about the last two rounds of singles the better with all 8 going to Maldon. The only good bit was Betty taking Neil G to the 13th hoop. Final match score 14-4 to Maldon Pavilion. Hoop Difference: Maldon 119 Chelmsford Green 81 Highlights: None. All in all a very pleasant day for the Greens played in good spirits by both teams, shame about the score. DD

GC Handicap Report

The Chelmsford Blue team of John Skuse (3) Judith Hand(4) Keith Harris (7) and Sheila Harris (9) entertained Maldon Pavilion on Friday when practically the whole match was played in weather intent on giving all of us a good soakng. However the 2 doubles games were played before the drenching and John and Sheila took their game 7-3 versus Al Brown (1) and Henry Humber (9) whilst Judith and Keith won by the same margin over Pete Howe (2) and Neil Grandy (8). The first set of 4 singles went the way of the visitors with only John chalking up a point with Judith and Sheila losing unluckily at the golden hoop. The next set before lunch was shared with wins for John and Sheila whilst the other two games were lost narrowly on the 12th hoop. Lunch was taken in the Clubhouse as we all moaned about the conditions and hoped for better weather in the afternoon. Score to date: Chelmsford 5 Maldon Pavilion 5. Our visitors took the 3rd set of singles 4-0 with Judith and Keith losing at the golden hoop (13th) whilst the final set was shared 2-2 with Keith having a very fine win 7-2 over Pete Howe whilst John ground out a 7-6 over Henry Humber over a considerable amount of time. At least by that time the rain had stopped. Final match score Chelmsford 8 (103 hoops) Maldon Pavilion 10 (98 hoops). However the result had to be referred to the League Manager as Maldon fielded 2 players with handicaps less than 3 which is in contravention of the rules for this handicap competition. A shame because the whole match was played in a fine spirit with little or no recourse to the GC rule book. A final word must go to the back-up we received from Anne Skuse by way of providing hot drinks, ringing out the entry mat once the rain had stopped.and together with Judith providing the excellent cakes for our after match refreshment.

GC Report 2nd June 2019

A lovely day at Writtle for our match in the 1sr round of the GC Inter-Club Championship versus Watford represented by Jason Carley (-1) Simon Hathrell (-1) Geoff Johnson (0) and Steve Dennis (2). The format for the match was 7 best of 3 level play games including 1 doubles between nos 1 and 2 of each team and, of course, 6 singles. Our team of Paul Bridgman (3) Tony Frewin (3) John Mariner (3) and Karen Jones (4) against the odds played their hearts out and the tributes paid by Watford at the end of the match whilst we enjoyed tea and cakes kindly supplied by Anne and Betty were entirely genuine. The first game on lawn 1 was a doubles between Paul and Tony for Chelmsford and Simon Hathrell and Jason Carley for the visitors who had little trouble in taking the first point 7-3 7-5. On lawn 2 John overcame Steve Dennis 7-4 7-5 whilst Karen fought well to lose in 3 to Geoff Johnson 5-7 7-6(phew) 1-7. Lunchtime score Chelmsford 1 Watford 2. After lunch Paul and Tony put their morning form behind them well and truly with Paul winning 7-4 7-2 over Simon and Tony, after a lengthy battle, beating Jason 7-5 5-7 7-6. Two tremendous wins gaining them lots of index points and making the match score at that point Chelmsford 3 Watford 2. Could we achieve the impossible as on lawn 1 John took on Geoff whilst with secondaries Karen had to play Steve. Hopes were high for Karen as she won her first set 7-4 whilst John narrowly lost 6-7. By this time tea and cakes were being served to the onlookers as we hoped for a momentous victory. Alas it was not to be as John lost in two straight 6-7 5-7 whilst Steve recovering from his defeat in the morning found his form to take the last two sets to seize victory for Watford 4-7 7-5 7-3. Final Result: Chelmsford 3 Watford 4 Congratulations to Watford and we wish them luck in the next round versus either Roehampton or Dulwich. Incidentally the last time Chelmsford entered this competition was in 2008 when we lost to Dulwich. Can anyone remember the team that played that match? Let us hope that it will not be another decade before we do battle once more in either this premier competition or the less onerous Murphy Shield.

Southchurch v Chelmsford Green Handicap Match Report 24/5/19.

On a beautiful May day Chelmsford Greens arrived at Rayleigh Cricket Club for their first away Golf Handicap match of the season against Southchurch. A day which may go down in history as ‘Ernies Day’. The lawns were, as you would expect from a cricket pitch outfield, long grass, patches of daisies, bumpy but probably not as bad as it would have been last year. The Green Team of Tony Frewin (3), David Dawsey (7), Linda Murrell (10) and Ernest Bailey (10) were facing an interesting battle on unfamiliar lawns against a Southchurch side of David Brown (5), Alan Cornelius (7) plus 2 rookies Eric Waterman (10) and Geoff Powell (12). The doubles were shared with David and Ernie beating Alan and Eric 7-6 and Tony and linda losing 6-5 in a timed out game to Dave and Geoff. The first set of singles produced two wins each with Tony beating Dave 7-3 and Ernie beating Geoff 7-5. Match score 3-3 The second round of singles went better with 3 wins. David beating Dave 7-6, Linda beating Geoff 7-5 and Ernie beating Eric 7-5. Match score at lunch 6-4 to Chelmsford. Lunch was eaten under a blue sky before battle recommenced. The third round of of singles went well with victories for Tony beating Eric 7-6, Linda with a stunning 7-2 victory over Dave and Ernie beating Alan 7-6. David managed to ruin a 4-0 session by throwing away a 6-4 lead against Geoff to lose 7-6. Match score 9-5, only one needed for victory. The final round of singles were shared with victories going to Ernie 7-6 versus Dave and Linda 7-6 against Alan. In what is becoming a familiar story David managed to throw away a 6-3 lead against Eric. Final match score 11-7 to Chelmsford Greens. Hoop Difference: Southchurch 104 Chelmsford Green 109 Highlights: 4 singles victories for Ernie and 3 for Linda. So what made this ‘Ernies Day’? Well apart from the 4 singles victory, he was also a victor in the doubles so 5 out of 5 but what else? Imagine Ernie 6-5 down on the twelfth hoop but his ball in the hoop. Both he and his opponent play halfway to the last hoop in anticipation of Ernie knocking the ball through but what does Ernie do? Rather than knocking the ball gently through to make it 6-6 he forgets that he hasn’t run the hoop yet and smacks the ball about 30 feet away leaving everybody stunned. So after his opponent explains what he has done they play the other 3 balls back to the twelfth hoop. Ernie, now 30 odd feet away, hits his ball back and runs the hoop. Those of you who have played at Southchurch know how tricky it is to hit anything straight over more than 10 feet so you can appreciate what he has done. So 6 hoops each but then his opponent plays a ball beautifully positioned a few feet in front of the hoop, game over, or so we thought. Ernie plays the ball, which he has just been put through hoop 12 from distance, up to and through the back of hoop 13 to sit inches in front, stunning his opponent, Alan Cornelius, who in this stupefied state is unable to clear or jump Ernies ball allowing him to win the hoop and match 7-6. All in all a fine victory for the Greens played in good spirits by both teams and a memorable one for Ernie. DD