GC Handicap Match Chelmsford Green v Southchurch

On Friday 19th May our Green team of Tony Frewin, David Dawsey (capt) Bob and Karen Jones, with a combined handicap of 22, entertained a Southchurch team of Tom Butcher, Dave Brown, Alan and Louise Cornelius with handicaps totalling 21. In dank conditions that fortunately improved as the day progressed the 2 doubles commenced proceedings with both Green pairings losing by the narrowest of margins at the 13th hoop. Our visitors retained this 2 point lead as the first 8 singles were shared before lunch with only 2 games going as far as the 12th hoop. The third set of 4 singles saw the home team, possibly inspired by a single call of the cuckoo at 2pm draw level as they managed 3 wins including a creditable 7-5 win by Karen over the hitherto unbeaten Tony Butcher. The final set of singles, with all to play for, was won 3-1 by Southchurch with only one game going beyond the 10th hoop. Star player for Chelmsford, captain David who, in winning 3 of his singles , saw his handicap reduce to 6 despite a couple of hiccups involving wrong ball play. The relatively early finish to the match enabled both teams to enjoy refreshments as the sun belatedly decided to put in an appearance which was more than could be said of the cuckoo. Have we heard the last of that wonderful call for 2017? Final Result Chelmsford Green 8 (95 hoops) – Southchurch 10 (98hoops).