GC Doubles Competition 2016

On a fine September morning 16 members took part in this annual competition. With everyone present by 10.00am the draw for partners was made for the 5×7 hoop games to be be played by the 8 pairings: David D/Nora, Betty/Len, Lesley/ Paul, Judith/Christine, Ernie/Deb, Anne/Linda, John/Janis and Joan/Sheila. In bright warm sunshine the first 3 games were played followed by a leisurely lunch break under the awning. As the remaining games were played in the afternoon skies began to turn grey but fortunately conditions remained dry. There was no need to get the calculators out to establish which pairs would take part in the final as only Betty and Len and Judith and Christine had managed to win 4 of their 5 games. The 13 hoop final seemed to be passing without much interest until it was established that Judith and Christine were leading by 5 hoops to nil. At long last the crowd decided to cheer for the underdogs and Christine did her best to encourage them by failing to run hoop 6 on what seemed like several occasions but that may be an exaggeration on my part. Ernie reckoned a force field had developed round that hoop but eventually Judith and Christine managed to run it so a whitewash was very much on the cards. However all was not lost as Betty succeeded in running hoop 7 to cheers from the assembled throng. Could a momentous fightback now begin? Alas no. Judith ran hoop 8 with a flourish to help Christine succeed for the second year running. Thanks are due to all who supplied refreshments for the after game experience and to Judith for organising the whole event