GC Maldon Pavilion v Chelmsford Green 21/7/17

Once more to the interesting slopes of Forester Park for our valiant team of David Dawsey (4) Tony Frewin (6) Anne Skuse (8) and Ernie Bailey (11) to meet top of the table Maldon Pavilion in the persons of Jean Healey (6) Pete Howe (6) Chris Joslin (10) and Joan Fairclough (11). The Maldon team, much changed from their encounter with the Blues a month ago, nevertheless took an early stronghold on the match for, after sharing the doubles, they won 7 of the 8 singles played before lunch. With a lead of 8 games to 2 and an impressive 63 hoops to 35 the home side were well on their way to making it 4 wins from 4 matches. However the Greens rallied in the afternoon by winning 5 of the remaining 8 games to finally lose by 11 games to 7 with a hoop difference of 108 to 80. Tony, at least, despite having to give many “extra turns” managed to preserve his stroke index by winning 2 singles and sharing with Ernie in the doubles win. David, thanks to a refreshing drink during the interval also managed 2 singles wins whilst Anne v Jean Healey and Ernie v Joan each managed a win. One illustration of how “hiily” the contours are at Forrester Park: Tony managed to run hoop 1 with his first shot versus Joan. Some might describe it as a fluke but others, rather more factually, would claim it as a matter of supreme skill! Currently the Greens lay 4th in the Eastern Area of the EACF GC Handicap League with 4 points and the Blues 5th with 3 points but with a game in hand. JS