GC Match Away to Northampton

> GC Level Play Match > > v > > Northampton > > 18TH AUGUST 2016 > > > How best to describe a match in which Chelmsford lost 16-1 with one match abandoned at 4-4 as no one had much idea as to when it would finish as tea and assorted cakes awaited consumption. > > The journey took just over 2 hours but thanks to Judith, our driver, and navigator Tony we arrived in good time only to be greeted by the strongest team we have had to face in 5 years of taking part in Level Play competition. Northampton’s quartet which included England international Lionel Tibble (-4) had a combined total handicap of minus 1 and rather unsurprisingly had gained maximum points from their first 4 games. > > After a short time to practice on the fast sloping lawns our pairings in the doubles acquitted themselves creditably losing each game 7-4. . The first set of 4 singles was keenly contested and John just scraped a 7-6 versus Mike Hills (scr.). The second set saw Paul lose at the 13th to Mike, Tony taking Jayne Stevens (1) to the 12th and Judith likewise to Peter Stansfield (2). So after 10 games we had played well but were 9-1 down and really up against it. > > The remaining games were all lost rather heavily apart from Paul’s final encounter with Peter Stansfield where, after 8 hoops had been shared, a long bout of safety play failed to find a winner for the next hoop. Probably for the first time in the history of the Level Play League they agreed to stop play at that stage. We await with baited breath the decision of the League Manager as to whether this game will be scored as a draw. > > Paul collected dues from the rest of the team for winnining the most hoops versus Lionel (3) which presumably means he has lost his amateur status – bad luck Paul! . > > Before leaving we congratulated Northampton on winning our division and wished them well in the final to be played at Hunstanton on 25th September. > > Thanks are due to Judith for doing all the driving on what is, by far, our longest trip of the season. JS