GC Report Chelmsford Blue v Maldon Pavilion 23rd June 2017

The Chelmsford Blue team of Judith Hand (captain) (4) Paul Bridgman (3) Lesley Bridgman (9) and Tess Gossett (9) started well winning both doubles 7-6 and the first set of singles 3-1. Maldon staged a partial recovery before lunch taking the second set of singles 3-1. Lunch time score Chelmsford Blue 6 Maldon Pavilion 4. Maldon’s team of Jean Healey (captain) (6) Al Brown (3) Neil Clark (9) and Henry Hamber (12) shared the third set of singles with the “Blues” as Judith somehow managed to beat Henry 7-4 despite having to give away no fewer than 8 extra turns. None of the home side’s other players had much luck when playing Henry who really played well. So Chelmsford led 8-6 with 4 games to play. Maldon were apparently under orders to “win or else” from their Club Captain Chris Joslin and, my, how they responded to the implied threat of goodness knows what! The final 4 games were all won by Maldon by impressive margins 7-4, 7-2, 7-1, and 7-4. Final Score CHELMSFORD BLUE 8 (95 hoops) MALDON PAVILION 10 (110 hoops). Chelmsford’s star player Paul with 3 singles victories including a 7-5 v Al Brown who finished the day with a handicap reduction to 2. At the conclusion of the match, amidst the cakes and cups of tea, Judith congratulated Maldon on their victory and commented on the fine spirit in which the match had been played. Thus Maldon Pavilion preserved their unbeaten record and would appear to be contesting with Southchurch the chance of winning the Division. The two teams meet at Maldon on 4th August. JS