GC Annual Doubles Tournament September 18th 2018

On a windy but ultimately fine day for croquet with the sun shining six pairs drawn from the proverbial two hats took part in this year’s event. How lucky the GC section have been with the weather this year! The format this year was for each pair to play the other five in 13 hoop matches finishing about 3pm. Of fifteen games played over half went either to the twelfth or thirteenth hoop with the winners Betty Craig and John Skuse being involved in no fewer than three 7-6 finishes all of which they managed to win. With 5 wins out of 5 they took first place with runners-up Joan Black and Paul Bridgman winning 4 and in third place June Brown and David Dawsey with 3 victories. Other pairings taking part were Lesley Bridgman and Keith Harris, Sheila Harris and Len Purcell and Anne Skuse and Marlene Lawrence. The shot of the day? Unquestionably Len’s jump shot versus Betty and John on their sixth hoop. Thanks go to those who supplied tea and cakes for the after tournament refreshments.